Homemade Baby Food: Fruit!

Okay, so I’ve only tried this with bananas thus far, but I figured I would try one fruit a week and experiment with methods of turning them into baby food! Yay! Bananas are super easy, too! First, here’s what you need: 4 bananas, a blender and some water! That’s it! It literally took me about five minutes to make this and I’ve made enough for an entire week and a half (I think, it may be more). I’m still unsure as to how long it lasts in the fridge, but rest assured as soon as I know, I will update this post so that you’ll know too.

20141105_161311Now, I should probably add that our son is almost nine months old and we had already been given the go ahead by our pediatrician to start him on solids. So, always make sure that your baby is ready to eat solid foods by asking your pediatrician. Kay? Promise? Okay…let’s make some baby food!!

First, peel the bananas. I had originally purchased 6 but only used 4 of them and it came out perfect!

Break the bananas into pieces; how big or small doesn’t matter, it’s just to help out the blending process when you put them in the blender. Use about 4 ounces of water. You just want enough to loosen the consistency of the bananas.

Then blend!

Now, it’s going to be pretty bubbly. Don’t worry, it’ll thicken up and there won’t be as many bubbles after it’s spent a night in the refrigerator. That’s it! You’ve just made banana baby food!! Yay! To store it, you can use either a tupperware or you can even reuse the baby food jars!

*To learn about making veggie baby food, check out my post about it, here!



baby food jars!

baby food jars!

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