Kiwi Crate Is My New Best Friend!

Disclosure: No compensation was given to me for this post. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Okay, so I am a complete sucker for things that have anything to do with being creative. I have so often said to my friends and family how I wish more kids would want to do things like play outside, arts and crafts and imagination games. Alas we live in a world of video games, tablets and other forms of instant gratification. Today I was introduced to Kiwi Crate, an amazing site that offers arts and crafts, family activities, holiday fun and more for sale. Most of the stuff is very reasonable in price and all of it stimulates your kids’ imagination.

Kiwi Crate even has a package where you can make your own superhero cape. How awesome is that?! This site is awesome, because it doesn’t just try to sell you things, it also has some DIY projects that some of their members have shared, ideas for stocking stuffers, even party favors! With Christmas just around the corner and AJ’s birthday following soon afterward, I believe I will be doing a lot of buying from this site and I encourage you to check it out too!

Kiwi Crate could be just the thing I’ve been looking for to do with my nieces and nephews (my son is still too little…but he’s next!)

 Kiwi Crate

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