Why I am BEYOND excited that Teen Mom 2 will have another season

When I first found out that I was pregnant, I found myself binge watching old episodes of 16 and Pregnant and then later, began watching Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2. The irony of it was that I had poked fun on friends who watched the show when the episodes first aired, as reality TV (though often entertaining) makes me roll my eyes quite a bit. Unfortunately, Teen Mom had their finale season, though reports say that MTV is bringing the show back for another season, but Teen Mom 2–much to my satisfaction– has never stopped filming. And now, I just read on The Inquisitr as well as The Ashley that there will be a season six of this bitter-sweet tale of four teenage mothers who have been gracious enough to share their lives (and their drama) with the world.

I had been watching the fourth season (for, like, the third time) on Amazon Prime and had seen a few headlines reporting that Leah wouldn’t be returning for another season, but that the rest of the cast was. I had also remembered Chelsea posting on social media about how they were filming their final season (which made me sad at the time that the show was coming to an end), so I decided to investigate the goings on of Teen Mom 2 and was elated to find that not only are they doing a sixth season, but Leah has decided to join her cast mates in telling their story of how they’ve dealt with teen parenthood! You might be shaking your head a chuckling right about now. Here I am, 28 years old and I’m watching 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom/Teen Mom 2. However, in some strange way, I identified with these girls.

Though I was 11 years their senior when I became pregnant while they were still in high school when they had their children, I felt just as scared and helpless as they did. I was inexperience, I was somewhat of a party girl and we (myself and my boyfriend at the time) didn’t feel financially stable enough to start a family. AJ was unplanned and for the first few weeks after we found out he was coming, he was feared. Neither one of us had much experience with babies and for the first couples of weeks, we were pretty overwhelmed. There were a lot of decisions to be made in not a whole lot of time. And on top of that, our room mate at the time was not the best person to live with. He was broke, no job and had a huge problem with alcohol. Not a good situation at all.

Watching a show about young girls who have babies and are faced with the hard reality of their decisions to raise these babies were somewhat of a comfort. I wasn’t the only woman who felt like her life was being spun out of control and it helped me cope with the major changes that would come with having a baby. Even now that my son is 10 months old, it’s really awesome that I’m not alone in first time motherhood. That’s why I’m, super excited for the new season of Teen Mom 2! Bring on the drama and adorable kiddos!!


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