1920231_10100262281624372_328807759_nMy name is Amanda, I’m a twenty eight year old mom to a little boy named AJ. I’m a writer, blogger, Fantasy Football enthusiast, coupon lover, a total book nerd and movie fanatic. And I also love Facebook…a lot. And I’m Shakespeare geek. A pretty big one.

I was born and raised in Miami, Fl and have lived in New York City where I graduated from the New York Film Academy, Connecticut and Tennessee. I’ve always lived in big cities, but now I’m the proud resident of a tiny town in the Midwest! Needless to say, the change has been drastic but definitely for the better!

After I had our son, I went from veteran restaurant worker to being a stay-at-home mom. I was a Server for six years and a Hostess (we called them, “Seaters”) for one year. I loved my job, but always knew it wasn’t what I was going to do for the rest of my life.

And now I stay at home with our little AJ, who continues to grow, despite my requests for him to slow down, and am taking online classes to finish my English degree!

I’ve always wanted to have a blog to share my stories, experiences, thoughts and my love of connecting with other mothers near and far, thus the birth of Much Ado About Mommy. Here you’ll find those things and more! I’m pretty straight-forward and honest and I’m not afraid to tell you about every aspect of my experience with motherhood–the good, the bad and the in between.

When I’m not taking care of my baby or cleaning our castle (okay, it’s not really a castle, but I’m still totally going to call it that), I’m online earning Swagbucks and Bing points. I also write fiction on VinXperience where I server as a moderator.

My dream would be to make a living as a fiction writer so that I can continue to stay home with my boy and help bring income into our home.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you enjoy the things I have to say!

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