Growing Up In A Small Town

I’ve always lived in big cities. From my hometown of Miami, Florida, to New York City, to East Haven, Connecticut and even Chattanooga, Tennessee. So moving to a small town in Central Illinois was quite a different experience than I’ve ever had. I didn’t really know what to expect and, honestly, I’d planned to move to L.A. at some point–another big city–to pursue my film career. But when I got pregnant, Adam and I decided that we wanted our son to grow up the way we did, with lots of family around. The choices were, Florida, Connecticut or Illinois. The first two options weren’t really options at all since both Florida and Connecticut are very expensive places to live, so we decided on the small town in Central Illinois where Adam grew up and where most of his family still resides.

I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into, but was very happy that my son would have cousins to grow with and lots of aunts and uncles around. My first impression of the town was that it was very quaint and nice. Most people around here know everyone else in town and it seems that, in terms of safety and crime, this place is “behind in the times” so to speak. A lot of kids ride their bikes all over town, kids still play outside in their respective neighborhoods and it takes about five minutes or less (depending on traffic) to get from one end of town to the other.

I love that about the town. Kids can be kids without the constant fear of someone approaching them with ill intent. Not to say that that they’re 100% safe. There are never any guarantees, no matter how small the town. But it seems to me that the people of this town look out for each other. They work together to make this town as special as it is and I couldn’t be happier with out decision to move here.

So, since our son will be growing up in this small town, and I have never lived in one, I thought it would fun to document his life growing up in this small corner of the world. And maybe someday, when he gets much older, he’ll look back on these memories and be thankful for us raising him here.

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