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Registering For Baby Items: An Untapped Resource!

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I’ve noticed that a lot of my friends have recently found out that they’re expecting a little one! Congratulations! I’ve decided that I would do my next blog “series”  on preparing for a new baby, as I finished up my adoption series yesterday. I think all the new mommy-to-bes can really benefit from a series on being pregnant. I want to start with the registry…now, most everyone knows how to register for baby stuff, but just in case you’re like me and don’t really know how you go about it, here’s the break down: You go to your favorite stores and typically them have a kiosk you can use to put in your names, address, when you’re due and so on. You will then get a print out which you take to the customer service desk. They give you a scanner and off you go!

During my pregnancy, I remember how much fun it was to register for baby stuff that we would need when AJ graced the world with his presence. I also remembered how overwhelming it was at first and how the longer we stayed in xyz store, the worse my random charlie horses would get. We also had a considerable amount of family that lived elsewhere. Okay, they all lived in a different state…but the point is we decided to register on Amazon as well as the local stores in town. We were amazed at how many things (and cool things) they had on Amazon!

We didn’t even have to leave our living room to register for a TON of stuff we would need when the baby was born and some of them were items they didn’t even have at our local stores. Not only that, but registering online also allowed me to eat a huge plate of food while I browsed through baby gear- something that would make any pregnant woman happy as a clam. As I stuffed my face and equally stuffed our registry, I couldn’t keep from smiling around my food at the fact that I was shopping for my baby while sitting on my bottom. And the best part? Instead of trying to schedule going to the store and sifting through the pages of your registry, your family and friends can look for a gift online from the comfort of their own home and have it delivered to your door-step!

Seriously, how awesome is that?

“But wait a minute…I’m totally having a baby shower. What if they want to bring the gift to the baby shower and give it to me there?” Well then they can have it delivered to their house! Woot! Double win, ladies! You get to make your registry while sitting on your couch in your PJs and your family and friends can do the same while shopping around for you and your little one. Plus, think of how convenient it will be for those out of town family members!

We loved the Amazon registry, not only for the convenience but also because we were still getting goodies even after AJ was born. This is probably because your registry never goes away. I just checked to see if ours was still there (almost a year after we first made it) and it is there! It stays there until you delete it! Which means that if someone can’t make it to your shower and hasn’t gotten you a gift yet, they can simply go to Amazon’s website and look up your registry!

Amazon is a great untapped resource for registering for a new baby and it’s free! You already know how I feel about free.
Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Baby Registry

Praying for Pesci

This may sound odd to most people, but to a movie buff like myself, the fact that my due date happens to fall on Joe Pesci’s birthday is pretty awesome.


It got me down right excited to give birth, which I can imagine is something not every woman experiences. It also helps that today is Adam’s late grandmother’s birthday, that adds a sentimental value to the idea of our son being born on his due date.

Now, I’ve already accepted the fact that he could very well be born on February 10th, 11th, 12th…even 13th, or later. Who knows? It’s his party, after all. Keeping this in mind, I have researched famous birthdays for these dates. I have to admit that some of them are pretty awesome, but I’m sorry…maybe it’s because I’ve been looking forward to it for ten months now or maybe because I’ve recently seen the first two Home Alones and I love My Cousin Vinny so much…none of the other actors/actresses are as cool as Joe Pesci. Except maybe Burt Reynolds, but not by very much. Joe Pesci is still cooler.


It is now almost six o’clock pm and no signs of labor except for Braxton Hicks contractions, which I suppose could help dilate and efface my cervix, but won’t guarantee that labor will soon follow. I went for a walk and nested the shit out of our home yesterday. I have my mother-in-law (or as I like to call her, my MoLo) making wings and spicy chili for dinner and I’ve already told Adam he may need to give me a “jump start” if the spicy food doesn’t do the trick.


I honestly, don’t know what else to do.

So the last few hours have been used preparing myself for the disappointment that I will not have a Joe Pesci baby, all the while keeping hope alive that the stars will align for me just so. Maybe he’ll be born at 11:58 tonight, making it just under the wire.

It’s not just the shared birthdays that cause me to pray this way, but also the fact that I am ready to have my baby. I realize that I should just be patient and let him come when he’s ready, which is why Adam and decided on natural labor and delivery as opposed to induced labor. However, I am ready to get this party started.

One of my grandmothers asked why I so badly wanted him to come today and I had no problem sharing exactly why. Adam’s grandmother and Joe Pesci.

“Joe Pesci?! That asshole from Goodfellas, Amanda?!” she shrieked in her thick Cuban accent.

“Yeah!” I answered enthusiastically.

“You know the best part of that movie is when that guy was killed. He was such an asshole!”


Lest you forget, Abuela, My Cousin Vinny! Perhaps the only movie where you actively root for his character.

Yeah, I know it’s probably not the most motherly thing to want your kid to share a birthday for the one actor who is notorious for his insistent cussing. We’re talking about the same actor who, when he was shooting Home Alone had to do take after take because he kept forgetting he was doing a family film and continued to accidentally drop F bombs, which explains his incoherent, frustrated muttering throughout the film. But honestly, isn’t there much worse out there?

Designer birth anyone? How about shoving an Ipad into your child’s hands just to shut them up instead of giving them toys that will allow them to use their imaginations? It doesn’t matter that there are “educational programs” on Ipads now that allow your child to learn. You didn’t need those as a kid. What you learned, you learned from your parents. That’s the way it should be. No reason for it to change now.

That said, one of the things I’m planning to teach my offspring is what constitutes a good film and a good actor/actress. Granted, this doesn’t mean that I will sit him down at age one and let him watch Casino, but it does mean that the “kid movies” that he watches will be of my choosing and not what the media is trying to shove down our kid’s throats. Good, quality children’s films.

And someday, when he’s much older, I will introduce him to Joe Pesci, who I hope will share his birthday. However, even if he doesn’t, then I will introduce him to Joe Pesci simply because the man has been part of some of the most iconic films in the last twenty five years and is indeed a very gifted actor.

Film is important to me, it has been my entire life and it will be important in my son’s life as well. If you don’t agree with me, we can agree to disagree and with all due respect…