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Baby Registry: What is suggested and what you need

I thought it would be nice to do a series on pregnancy since some of my friends have been announcing that they’re going to be mommies! A new baby is so exciting, especially if it’s your first one. It can also be very overwhelming for a first time mom because, while you’ve heard stories from friends and family about what to expect, you don’t really know what your own experience will be like since every woman and every pregnancy is different. I, for example, never got the morning sickness that people often talk about or the hemorrhoids (thank God!) that some women have told me about. All you can do is go along for the ride, try to read up and take as many classes as you can and let yourself experience being pregnant for the first time.

In my first post on this topic, I talked about considering using Amazon as one of the places that you register for your new baby. Once you’ve figured out where you want to register for baby gear, the next step is deciding what to register for. A lot of places offer “suggestions” for you to consider and some of the suggestions are things you will definitely need. However, a lot of them are things you probably won’t ever use. So in part 2 of this series, I’d like to give you mommy-to-bes some tips as to what you will definitely want to put on your registry and what you can skip purchasing or registering for.

This is a list of the things I personally have and use (or have used) for my son:

Bassinet- For the first three and half months of our son’s life, he slept in a bassinet which we kept on the coffee table in the living room (I’d had a C Section and couldn’t lay in bed, so I slept on the recliner until I’d healed a little more). Adam’s mom had given it to us at our baby shower. The great thing about the bassinet that we had was that we were able to bring it anywhere! Most of the day it sat on the coffee table so that I could keep an eye on AJ, but at night once I started sleeping in our bedroom again, we would bring it into our room and place it on the dresser! Even though we already had a crib, we felt that AJ was simply to little to be in that big open space, so the bassinet really came in handy!

Here is a picture the one we used:IMG_20140427_114418_153

Crib– We bought a crib for our son to put in his room but didn’t end up using it until he was about four months old. Still, it was good for us to have gotten the crib anyway because the one we bought has a changing table attached and can be later converted into a toddler bed and then converted again into a full bed! Now, having said this, this doesn’t mean that you necessarily need a crib before your baby is born. If you plan to use a bassinet for a while, you can always buy the crib later when you and your baby are ready. Also, when you’re putting the crib together, do so IN the baby’s room. Don’t try to put it together in the living room and then move it into the nursery. It won’t fit through the door and you’ll have to take it apart and put back together again. Promise 🙂


Car Seat– You can’t bring your baby home from the hospital without a car seat 🙂 This is something you absolutely need before your baby is born so that you can figure out how to use it properly and secure it in your car (don’t forget that all newborns have to be rear facing! That means they should be facing the back windshield). The car seat we purchased will likely have to be replaced soon as AJ continues to grow, but I know I’ve seen plenty of moms with car seats that last all the way until their little ones are two and then can be converted into a booster for when they’re still too short for the seat belts to go across their chests properly. I recommend looking into those car seats as it will give you the most use for your money!

Pack-N-Play– You would think this would be something you could wait to purchase or not purchase at all! You can certainly do that, but if you’re using a bassinet for the first few months, it would be a good idea to get a pack-n-play as well. As I mentioned before, we kept AJ’s bassinet on the coffee table during the day and since we’d already put together the pack-n-play, we turned it into a make shift changing table! You can totally do this, too! Just make sure that whichever pack-n-play you purchase has a napper that you can flip over into a changing table. We used the open space in the pack-n-play as kind of a changing station. We kept diapers, wipes, desitine and extra onesies there. It was so much easier with everything in one spot (bassinet and changing station).

Diapers of ALL sizes- My sister-in-law started stocking up on diapers from the moment she found out she was expecting. My niece is now seven months old and she STILL hasn’t had to buy any diapers. This is a situation you will be happy to find yourself in! Start stacking up on diapers ASAP and get all different sizes. If you find yourself with an extra box of a size that’s too small, you can take that unopened box to any store that sells that brand of diapers and exchange for the bigger size! No money lost! Personally, I like the Pampers brand best, but register for more than one brand so you can try each one and see which works best for you and your baby.

Boppy Pillow- Please, please remember to invest in one of these. It makes breastfeeding much more comfy and makes it easier as well.


SwaddleMe- You can definitely swaddle your baby with blankets but if you’re like us, no matter how many times people show you how to do it, you just can’t get it right. Anytime we would swaddle AJ in a blanket, it would look perfect and then five minutes later he would wiggle his way out of it and cry. We had gotten a pack of swaddles with velcro on them and decided to give them a try…huge difference! AJ would stay asleep for so much longer and he wasn’t able to wiggle out of it. Definitely invest in a few of these! You can find them pretty much anywhere, including on Amazon!

Stay tuned for part 2 of this list and be sure to check out Amazon.com for your baby gear needs 🙂

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Registering For Baby Items: An Untapped Resource!

Disclosure: The owner of this website, Amanda, is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking muchadoaboutmommy.com to Amazon properties including, but not limited to, amazon.com, endless.com, myhabit.com, smallparts.com, or amazonwireless.com.

I’ve noticed that a lot of my friends have recently found out that they’re expecting a little one! Congratulations! I’ve decided that I would do my next blog “series”  on preparing for a new baby, as I finished up my adoption series yesterday. I think all the new mommy-to-bes can really benefit from a series on being pregnant. I want to start with the registry…now, most everyone knows how to register for baby stuff, but just in case you’re like me and don’t really know how you go about it, here’s the break down: You go to your favorite stores and typically them have a kiosk you can use to put in your names, address, when you’re due and so on. You will then get a print out which you take to the customer service desk. They give you a scanner and off you go!

During my pregnancy, I remember how much fun it was to register for baby stuff that we would need when AJ graced the world with his presence. I also remembered how overwhelming it was at first and how the longer we stayed in xyz store, the worse my random charlie horses would get. We also had a considerable amount of family that lived elsewhere. Okay, they all lived in a different state…but the point is we decided to register on Amazon as well as the local stores in town. We were amazed at how many things (and cool things) they had on Amazon!

We didn’t even have to leave our living room to register for a TON of stuff we would need when the baby was born and some of them were items they didn’t even have at our local stores. Not only that, but registering online also allowed me to eat a huge plate of food while I browsed through baby gear- something that would make any pregnant woman happy as a clam. As I stuffed my face and equally stuffed our registry, I couldn’t keep from smiling around my food at the fact that I was shopping for my baby while sitting on my bottom. And the best part? Instead of trying to schedule going to the store and sifting through the pages of your registry, your family and friends can look for a gift online from the comfort of their own home and have it delivered to your door-step!

Seriously, how awesome is that?

“But wait a minute…I’m totally having a baby shower. What if they want to bring the gift to the baby shower and give it to me there?” Well then they can have it delivered to their house! Woot! Double win, ladies! You get to make your registry while sitting on your couch in your PJs and your family and friends can do the same while shopping around for you and your little one. Plus, think of how convenient it will be for those out of town family members!

We loved the Amazon registry, not only for the convenience but also because we were still getting goodies even after AJ was born. This is probably because your registry never goes away. I just checked to see if ours was still there (almost a year after we first made it) and it is there! It stays there until you delete it! Which means that if someone can’t make it to your shower and hasn’t gotten you a gift yet, they can simply go to Amazon’s website and look up your registry!

Amazon is a great untapped resource for registering for a new baby and it’s free! You already know how I feel about free.
Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Baby Registry

Praying for Pesci

This may sound odd to most people, but to a movie buff like myself, the fact that my due date happens to fall on Joe Pesci’s birthday is pretty awesome.


It got me down right excited to give birth, which I can imagine is something not every woman experiences. It also helps that today is Adam’s late grandmother’s birthday, that adds a sentimental value to the idea of our son being born on his due date.

Now, I’ve already accepted the fact that he could very well be born on February 10th, 11th, 12th…even 13th, or later. Who knows? It’s his party, after all. Keeping this in mind, I have researched famous birthdays for these dates. I have to admit that some of them are pretty awesome, but I’m sorry…maybe it’s because I’ve been looking forward to it for ten months now or maybe because I’ve recently seen the first two Home Alones and I love My Cousin Vinny so much…none of the other actors/actresses are as cool as Joe Pesci. Except maybe Burt Reynolds, but not by very much. Joe Pesci is still cooler.


It is now almost six o’clock pm and no signs of labor except for Braxton Hicks contractions, which I suppose could help dilate and efface my cervix, but won’t guarantee that labor will soon follow. I went for a walk and nested the shit out of our home yesterday. I have my mother-in-law (or as I like to call her, my MoLo) making wings and spicy chili for dinner and I’ve already told Adam he may need to give me a “jump start” if the spicy food doesn’t do the trick.


I honestly, don’t know what else to do.

So the last few hours have been used preparing myself for the disappointment that I will not have a Joe Pesci baby, all the while keeping hope alive that the stars will align for me just so. Maybe he’ll be born at 11:58 tonight, making it just under the wire.

It’s not just the shared birthdays that cause me to pray this way, but also the fact that I am ready to have my baby. I realize that I should just be patient and let him come when he’s ready, which is why Adam and decided on natural labor and delivery as opposed to induced labor. However, I am ready to get this party started.

One of my grandmothers asked why I so badly wanted him to come today and I had no problem sharing exactly why. Adam’s grandmother and Joe Pesci.

“Joe Pesci?! That asshole from Goodfellas, Amanda?!” she shrieked in her thick Cuban accent.

“Yeah!” I answered enthusiastically.

“You know the best part of that movie is when that guy was killed. He was such an asshole!”


Lest you forget, Abuela, My Cousin Vinny! Perhaps the only movie where you actively root for his character.

Yeah, I know it’s probably not the most motherly thing to want your kid to share a birthday for the one actor who is notorious for his insistent cussing. We’re talking about the same actor who, when he was shooting Home Alone had to do take after take because he kept forgetting he was doing a family film and continued to accidentally drop F bombs, which explains his incoherent, frustrated muttering throughout the film. But honestly, isn’t there much worse out there?

Designer birth anyone? How about shoving an Ipad into your child’s hands just to shut them up instead of giving them toys that will allow them to use their imaginations? It doesn’t matter that there are “educational programs” on Ipads now that allow your child to learn. You didn’t need those as a kid. What you learned, you learned from your parents. That’s the way it should be. No reason for it to change now.

That said, one of the things I’m planning to teach my offspring is what constitutes a good film and a good actor/actress. Granted, this doesn’t mean that I will sit him down at age one and let him watch Casino, but it does mean that the “kid movies” that he watches will be of my choosing and not what the media is trying to shove down our kid’s throats. Good, quality children’s films.

And someday, when he’s much older, I will introduce him to Joe Pesci, who I hope will share his birthday. However, even if he doesn’t, then I will introduce him to Joe Pesci simply because the man has been part of some of the most iconic films in the last twenty five years and is indeed a very gifted actor.

Film is important to me, it has been my entire life and it will be important in my son’s life as well. If you don’t agree with me, we can agree to disagree and with all due respect…


Big foot want a baby

My feet have been swollen for the last couple of days and after seeing a midwife on Monday, she decided to put me on mild bedrest until my due date, which is this coming Sunday (woohooo!!!). After a pedicure with my mother in law earlier today, I’ve been instructed to lay on my recliner with my feet up.

Now, just to give you an image of what this looks like exactly– I have to have my feet up over my heart so as to alleviate the swelling and cankles. So, I grabbed three pillows from our bed and put them under my feet on the footrest.

I know, genius right?

So, I’ve got Teen Mom playing on the TV, pillows under my feet and my laptop on my lap so I can get some writing done. The problem is that every time I get comfortable, the little guy nudges my bladder. I can get away with not moving for about five minutes before it gets to the point where if I don’t get up and go soon, I’ll end up going in the chair.


This, as you can imagine, is a process. I have to put the laptop to the side, take the pillows from under my feet, which takes a lot more effort than it normally would, and hoist myself out of the recliner, waddle to the bathroom on my swollen feet and relieve myself.

The entire activity is exhausting and I find myself now researching ways to naturally induce my labor. Not just because I’m anxious to meet my little munchkin, but also so that the swollen feet, the tossing and turning at night, trying to get comfortable, the lack of clothes that fit and most of all, the bladder that forever quivers will finally be over.


Don’t get me wrong, despite the fact that I’ve had to quit drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and eating sashimi, I’ve enjoyed my first pregnancy very much. HOWEVER, I am anxious to get back to my pre-pregnancy state and get into a routine with my baby.

Three days seems like an eternity right now, though I know that it will be here before I know it. The thought passes through my mind and that’s when I start thinking to myself, “Am I ready to be a mom?” “What if I screw him up? Would he ever forgive me?”

I imagine these thoughts go through my head because this is my first child and I’m completely clueless as to what it’s going to be like to be responsible for another human being. I’m heavily relying on the theory that I will instinctively know what to do, though I know that parenting is a constant learning curve. I know I didn’t come with a manual even though I had some pretty good ideas as to how I should be raised when I was younger (my mom never agreed).

All I know is that I want my life and my body back and I also want my new life (the one that includes being a parent) to start. Right, stat, now!

Waiting for two fingers…

Imagine you are a week and a half from giving birth to your first child. You’re bloated, hot all the time, tossing and turning at night because getting comfortable is a mission in itself and the only thing keeping you from screaming to the top of your lungs is the fact that you’ll be going to the doctor’s soon. It’s your second to last appointment and since you were only a tight one centimeter dilated the last time you were there, you’re anxious to hear if your cervix has made progress.

You get to the office, after posting proudly on facebook that it’s your second to last appointment, and go through the routine of giving a urine sample, letting them weigh you and check your blood pressure, all with the expectation that once you get in to see the doctor, she will insert two fingers into your vagina and tell you some good news.

“She doesn’t have a room yet, would you mind waiting in the lobby? She’s just running a bit behind today,” the nurse says to you with her usual smile.

“Okay,” you answer sweetly, all the while thinking about whether or not you’ve made progress. I’m a week and a half away, you think to yourself. I must be at three centimeters at least.

They call your name after only one game of Candy Crush on your phone and you and baby daddy are escorted into one of the rooms, where you will wait for your obstetrician, who as of late has had to miss appointments because she’s catching babies all over the place (must be baby season). A little while of waiting and the nurse comes in and asks if you’d like to see one of the midwives instead, because your regular doctor has three patients ahead of you.

“Sure,” you answer. Why would I need to see my regular doctor this close to my due date? I’m only eleven days away from it. No big deal, are the thoughts that run through your head as the gas you had earlier that morning finally leaves your body in a silent poof. Needless to say, the offending smell fills the room faster than you can warn your significant other to cover his nose. In comes the midwife, you apologize for the smell and she listens to your baby’s heartbeat on the doppler, measures you, talks about induction, which you are not interested in at all before she helps you sit up.

You look at her with growing anticipation, waiting for the question made up of the seven words you’ve been dying to hear all week, “Would you like me to check you?”

But they never come. She asks if you have any questions, you say no, hoping maybe she’ll ask now…but she doesn’t.

“Okay and do you have an appointment scheduled for next week?” she asks.

“Yes and one after just in case he doesn’t come on my due date,” you answer, still waiting for her to offer to check your cervix.

“Alright, then she will see you next week!” she says with a smile, handing you your medical sheet.

“Oh…okay,” you mumble, taking the paper and sliding as best you can off of the exam table. “And she’ll check me then?” you ask, maybe she just forgot.

“If you want her to,” she answers with a smile. You frown slightly as you walk, defeated towards the front desk to turn in your sheet and go home.


“What’s wrong?” you baby’s father asks as you both walk to your vehicle.

“She didn’t check me,” you reply sadly. “I feel gibbed.” He laughs as you get into the car.

“So you’re mad that she didn’t stick her fingers in your business?” he asks, seeming to be confused at the fact that you wanted to be examined.

“Yes, I wanted to know if I’ve progressed,” you answer.

“I mean, it wouldn’t necessarily tell us anything in terms of how soon you’ll give birth,” he reminds you.

“It’s not about that. I had expectations and those expectations were not met,” you reply, updating your facebook status.

Your significant other laughs again, shaking his head lightly.

“I’m sure you’ll be fine. We have an appointment next week, she’ll check you then.”

You groan. Who gives a crap about next week?! You’re as big as a house; one week is like an eternity to you! If you could reach that far you would check your damn self!

Unfortunately, you have no choice but to wait another week and hope to God that you’re close to active labor (four centimeters, I believe). It’s probably the anxiety of not knowing when labor is going to start, what it’s going to feel like and whether or not you’ll make it to your due date. Either way, you hate not knowing, but what else can you do except try to distract yourself and be patient.