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Day Thirteen

Breakfast: 1 yogurt

Drink: Water

Lunch: 1 String cheese, 1 can of tuna, mayo and mustard in a pita bread

Drink: Water

Dinner: Chicken fettuccine alfredo

Drink: Dr. Pepper

As I suspected, I was hurting yesterday so much and I still feel it even today. Didn’t do much else other than catch up on some homework, doing the dishes and reorganizing the linen closet. I apologize again for updating a day late.

Still no word from the personal trainer and I hope to get to go to the gym again on Monday. Hopefully soon I can figure out a way to get in more than just once a week, but taking into consideration that I haven’t worked out regularly in about ten years, maybe it’s best I start off slowly. Besides, I’m not sure quite how long it’ll take me to stop being sore.