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Week-Long Social Media Strike Inspired

A friend of mine from high school, fellow creative mom and owner of Little Miss Mrs, Amanda Burton, recently participated in a social media cleanse with 8 other creatives. For one week, they refrained from visiting Facebook and Instagram and Amanda even went as far as to delete the apps from her phone. That’s how committed she was to this! She was determined to spend the extra time on her blog, spending quality time with her family and strengthening relationships she’d built with fellow creatives.

It’s a genius idea, I have to say, but it’s definitely a lot easier said than done. I had never really given much thought to how much I time I spend on social media daily until Amanda shared her experience. It got me to thinking about how my son seems to be growing at an exponential pace, and the fact that I am constantly “scrolling” through Facebook, Instagram and now Tsu (the latest in social media for bloggers) was making me miss a lot of time with my precious Bubby. I realized that while being active in social media helps me network with inspiring people and also helps me grow as a blogger, what really matters is the reason I started blogging in the first place- my son, my family and my passion for being mommy to a wonderful little boy.

I felt it was important to share Amanda’s experience with you, fellow mommys, because even if we don’t abandon social media all together, even if we don’t take a week off, we can certainly be aware of how much time we spend online instead of with our families. I encourage you all to read Amanda’s blog post about her “week off” and what she learned during the experience. Maybe it will inspire you to try it as well! I propose we schedule our own week off from Facebook and Instagram, and after the week has concluded, we write about what we did with that extra time 🙂 Who’s in?

Here’s the link again for Amanda’s blog post about her week away from Facebook and Instagram!