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Day Eleven

Breakfast: one chocolate frosted doughnut, one banana, grapes and pineapple

Drink: Chocolate milk

Lunch: One chocolate frosted doughnut

Drink: Water

Dinner: Grilled chicken with rice-a-roni and corn

Drink: Iced Tea and a beer

Football day today, so no exercise again. But I have plans to go tomorrow morning before I go and pay our water pill and do our grocery shopping. The Lions lost today (boo) to the Bills no less. I think I’m more angry about it because Jim Schwartz is now the head coach for the Bills.

This coming Friday is our town’s Homecoming Parade and I’m very excited to see the town during this time. Apparently everyone goes to the Parade so, I will be taking pictures and then I’ll write about it. I’ve decided that I truly love small towns. I know I’ve only been here for four months, but it feels quaint and warm. And peaceful. People trust each other here, they care for their neighbors…and that’s something that’s extremely hard to find. Especially in the bigger cities.