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Day Twelve

Breakfast: 1 bottle of water

Lunch: 1 Chobani yogurt with steel cut oats

Drink: Water

Dinner: Vermicelli pasta with roasted pepper and garlic sauce and sliced Italian sausages

Drink: Dr. Pepper

Dessert: 2 pirouettes

I went to the gym this morning at around 9 o’clock and spent 5 minutes on the elliptical, then I did three reps of 20 count chest presses, three reps of 25 count leg lifts, two reps of 20 count curls and 10 minutes on the stationary bike. I know it doesn’t sound like much, and it isn’t, but I haven’t worked out at the gym in a long, long time…probably when I was 19 was the last time I went. So, I couldn’t go “balls to the walls” today, but my goal is to increase my workouts every week I go.

I hope to be able to go again this week, maybe on a day that Adam doesn’t go into work until the afternoon. Because going once a week isn’t going to do much. I haven’t heard from my personal trainer yet, but I’m really looking forward to having someone to guide me towards the best workouts for me to reach my goal.

After the gym, I went and paid our water bill (very important seeing as how I left the gym sweaty and smelling gross) and then went grocery shopping where I got a lot more healthy options for us. Tomorrow will be a better food day for me as I had to skip breakfast this morning due to not having anything, really, to eat in the house.

I won’t be working out tomorrow as I expect to be hurting a little from my workout this morning. And I have some homework for my class that I need to catch up on. And housework…I hope to reorganize our linen closet. We’ll see how that goes.

Day Ten

Breakfast: One beef taco (I know that not much of a breakfast, but we haven’t gone grocery shopping yet)

Drink: Water

Lunch: 1 can of tuna, mayo and lettuce in a pita

Drink: Water

Dinner: 2 Steak Quesoritos

Drink: Dr. Pepper


Sorry for not posting this last night, but I had a pretty busy day. Lots going on with me getting our grocery list and coupons together for the month. I’m planning on this new way of eating to be easier once I’m able to get to the market tomorrow and stock up my fridge. No exercise for me yesterday and still plan on going to the gym tomorrow for about an hour or so.

Day Seven

Breakfast: Yogurt with steel cut oats (4 pts)

Drink: Water

Lunch: 1 can of tuna (1 pt) in pita bread (3 pts) with mayo (3 pts) and mustard

Drink: Water

Dinner: 2 eggs (4 pts) with 4 pieces of bacon (4 pts) and one piece of wheat toast, no butter (1.5 pts)

Drink: Dr. Pepper (4 pts)


Total: 24.5 pts

Okay I know, I have an extra half a point, but I’m still getting the hang of this whole points thing. Tomorrow will be point perfect. And I have to say compared to yesterday, I did waaay better today with managing my points. One thing my mom always said while she was on weight watchers was that it’s better to be over by a little than under at all. So, I feel good about my food choices today.

Exercise for today was a GREAT Youtube video by Lindsay Brin. You can find it here! I did the video twice because it’s only about 8 minutes long and I figured since my exercise has been pretty much nonexistent before today, it couldn’t hurt.

I also stopped by our local community center and brought home a form to become a member and also a form to request a personal trainer. There’s this one trainer named Raquel or “Rocky” who is a mother of three, so my plan is to schedule two 30 minute sessions with her to get me started! I’ve never been part of a gym, so this is very new for me, but I have a good feeling about it.

Day Six

Breakfast: 1/2 berries Granola cereal by Simple Start with 1 cup of 1% Milk (8 pts)

Snack: 1 yogurt (2 pts)

Drink: Water (0 pts)

Lunch: Veggie soup (0 pts)

Drink: Water (0 pts)

Snack: 2 pirouettes (3 pts)

Dinner: 1 Tombstone pizza (7 pts) 16 Pizza Hut wings, no sauce (24 pts)

Drink: Dr. Pepper (4 pts)


Total: 41 pts

Exercise: 45 minutes cardio

As you can see, I had entirely way too many points today. I had it all mapped out and was doing well up until I mentioned to Adam that I was planning on eating the pizza that I’d made last night for dinner.

“I may have already eaten that…” he said.

I don’t blame him. Tombstone makes good pizza, but it completely botched my plans, as I’d mapped it out earlier in the day so that I would reach 24 pts exactly. He ordered us wings from Pizza Hut to make up for it because he knows I love wings. I tried to find a nutrition chart for them on the internet and found that 2 wings is equal to 3 pts, but I’ve always gotten my wings dry (I know it’s odd, but I don’t like messy food. I even get my ribs without sauce). I’m not entirely sure if the sauce makes too much of a difference, but I feel awful for having gone over my allowed points by so much.

However, as with any new “diet,” I can not let this keep me from sticking with it. “Tomorrow will be better”, I’m telling myself. And it will be. I ate well all morning and afternoon, so at least I have that. It will be so much easier to meal plan once we go food shopping next week and I’m looking forward to diving head-first into this new way of eating. Maybe I can even get Adam on board and we can take the journey together.

Day Three

Breakfast: 1/2 cup of granola and berries with 1/2 cup of 1% Milk

Drink: Water

Lunch: Blueberry yogurt with steel cut oats

Drink: Water

Mid Afternoon Snack: Handful of almonds and two pirouettes

Drink: Water

Dinner: Personal Tombstone 5 cheese pizza

Drink: 1 can of Dr. Pepper


Well, no exercise today, but I did sweat since we have our air conditioner off and it was about 80 degrees today. I had some school work I needed to catch up on, so I couldn’t get any real exercise. I hope to get a lot of workout time tomorrow. I’ve even considered doing jumping jacks, which I haven’t done since high school, but I’m not giving up on my goal. Next week– in the spirit of simply eating healthier– I think I’m going to cut my Dr. Pepper again from once a day to once every other day. The next time I can weigh myself, I’m hoping to see another pound or two gone.